Division Of Extracurricular Activities

Club Establishment

 【Examination of Club Establishment ]

  1. Due:first term semester: before11/15、second term semester: before5/15
  2. Essential document :At least 25  cosigner’s signature and preparation report.
  3. The staffs hold  a meeting  of club establishment in first semester 12/10 and second semester 06/10 respectively.
  4. Regulation download:http://activity.sa.nctu.edu.tw/?page_id=1133
  5. Basic rules
    • Necessary reasons of club establishment
    • Long term development
    • Main members are NCTU students
    • The devices and place is unavailable for club.
    • Similar clubs aren’t accepted.
    • Similar club is asked to dissolved before.


  1. The founding meeting shall resolve the draft of club organizational charts; within 7 days upon the founding meeting, the club shall submit the club organizational charts to the Extracurricular Activity Division for approval, and may conduct any activity only upon completion of the formal。
  2. the preparatory club may only file the application for official club after being appraised as level B or higher one year since incorporation of the preparatory club.

[Apply for Club Account]

  1. Link: http://sasystem.nctu.edu.tw/activity/index.php?page_view=clubs_petition
  2. Please fill in the form and apply it.
  3. NCTU Office of Student Affairs will send the email to confirm if the club establishment is accepted.

[Application of Teacher]

  1. Due:First semester before 7/31