Division Of Extracurricular Activities

Club List

  • Recreational clubs:dedicated to initiating proper recreational activities.
  • Technics & art clubs:dedicated to researching techniques and arts.
  • Senior high alumni clubs:dedicated to promoting friendship and encouragement.
  • Social service clubs:dedicated to promoting the social service
  • Sports clubs:dedicated to upgrading sport skills and cultivating lifetime  sport habit.
  • Academic clubs:dedicated to academic research.
  • Musical/ Drama clubs:dedicated to initiating the performance and appreciation of music and drama shows for physical and mental pleasure.
  • Commission clubs:club associations required by particular circumstances.
  • Student self-governing bodies:Students may incorporate the student self-governing bodies for the University, colleges and departments (institutes) pursuant to these Rules to participate in the academic affairs related to their study, life and interests. Students shall be the de facto members of the bodies.