Division Of Extracurricular Activities

Club Establishment

【Examination of Club Establishment ]

  1. Due:first term semester: before11/15、second term semester: before5/15
  2. Essential document :At least 25  cosigner’s signature and preparation report.
  3. The staffs hold  a meeting  of club establishment in first semester 12/10 and second semester 06/10 respectively.
  4. Regulation download:http://activity.sa.nctu.edu.tw/?page_id=1133
  5. Basic rules
    • Necessary reasons of club establishment
    • Long term development
    • Main members are NCTU students
    • The devices and place is unavailable for club.
    • Similar clubs aren’t accepted.
    • Similar club is asked to dissolved before.


  1. 新社團通過審查,需在寒暑假前召開「籌備會議」,擬定「社團章程」、「招募社員辦法」及「成立大會日期」,並在大會後7日內將資料送交課外組。
  2. 新社團審查通過後成為「預備性社團」,運作滿1年需參加「社團評鑑」,成績達乙等以上始成為「正式社團」。

[Apply for Club Account]

  1. Link: http://sasystem.nctu.edu.tw/activity/index.php?page_view=clubs_petition
  2. Please fill in the form and apply it.
  3. NCTU Office of Student Affairs will send the email to confirm if the club establishment is accepted.

[Application of Teacher]

  1. Due:First semester before 7/31